New Google Nest Smart Speaker Could Launch This Month

We’re excited to see the way that Google has updated its first According to Quandt, Google’s Most Up-to-date smart speaker Rumored that the new Google Nest will sport larger drivers than the very first Google Home, which should give it a more effective sound and a bass response – says it will not be as sonically powerful as the larger Google Home Max.

Years past, Google placed the vast majority of its smart devices under the Google Nest umbrella, suggesting that the products were interconnected and harmonious with the Nest collection of smart thermostats, alarms, and safety cameras.

The world of smart speakers and years past has moved on considerably. In a follow-up tweet, Quandt also says the new wireless speaker will be available in Charcoal and Chalk as standard in keeping with previous Google Assistant speakers such as the Google Nest Hub Max and the Google Home Max. The apparatus that stands upright contains hidden LED lights under the cloth above.

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