Android 11 New Media Player Controls Can Be Swiped Away In Beta 3

To begin with, when you swipe away, playing does not quit. You enlarge the settings and are still able to observe if you pull in the top, the media controllers. I can see where this leads: confusion.

The media controls in the settings panel that is fast. Even long after a podcast ceased playing, it might nevertheless be taking precious screen real estate up there:

When the media controllers appeared in Beta, You can swipe between programs’ media controllers.

With this, you know where the pause; however, they grew Beta 2 on me, and I think that it’s a change for There is also a brand new toggle at the Audio configurations of Beta (also available should you partly swipe the press notification directly and tap on the cog button) that automatically hides the participant once the press session has finished.

That sounds like it will resolve the issue of programs such as Google Podcasts sticks around beyond their welcome.

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